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In good times, people want to advertise; in bad times, they have to. ~ Anonymous

As we settle into the new year, the flurry of pre-holiday patients may seem like a distant memory. Sure things slow down mid-to-late December, and we assume that the first few weeks into January will also be slow, because people are “getting back into the groove” of daily routines. But we’re also hearing from doctors that their schedules are freeing up. And these holes are revealing shaky marketing strategies — or none at all.  

Have you prepared for a dry spell with good marketing, or are you behind the eight-ball making use of stale promotions and an outdated plan?   

Lean times are inevitable. How you prepare is crucial.

Like other industries, dentistry cycles through ups and downs. The average dentist reacts to these “seasons” by staying really busy during peak times, often neglecting to prepare for low times. It’s only when these low times arrive, when patients aren’t rushing through the door, that you realize you must act — and act quickly!  

But is it too late? Will you have the capacity to put out all the fires that were bubbling under the surface, just waiting to reveal themselves at the worst time? 

You will have the capacity to prevent such fires if you think like the elite dentists we work with. Sure they experience the same ebb and flow of the economy, but while you’re barely keeping up with patient demand during the good times, the elite dentist is laying the groundwork for long-term success. 

The elite dentist is not at the mercy of economic mood shifts. He is busy preparing for them during the good times. 

The elite dentist knows how to attract the best and most profitable patients that can weather any chaotic economy — inflation included. She puts the right patient-attraction strategies into place before holes in the schedule even appear.  

Elite dentists work under the ethos of “always better” when it comes to patient generation. They aren’t putting out fires because they’ve taken strategic steps that prevent them altogether. 

Want to work better, not harder? Want to put away your fire hose in exchange for long-term, strategic plans? We’d love to work with another elite dentist. Stop the fires, thrive in low times, and get started with us by scheduling a Practice Growth Call — your first stop on the way to better marketing, better patients, and better everything.   

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