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Since a lot of folks are continuing their celebration of independence this week, we want to continue our focus on freedom of a different kind: freedom from insurance. Bring your fireworks as we explore a few ways to declare your independence from PPOs. 

First, let's come to terms with your way of thinking. Do you really believe your practice would fail if you dropped insurance like a hot potato? If so,  you need to squash this idea like a mosquito on your ankle at a barbeque. Many of our dentist partners have successfully dropped insurance, are producing more now than ever, and do not lack for quality, high-value cases — even in a crummy economy. It’s possible. We’ve seen it. And you can do it, too. 

Second, if you’re serious about breaking free, it’s time to up your marketing game. Cookie-cutter websites and one-size-fits-all email and advertising templates won’t make your practice stand out to the most profitable patients in your area. You need to strategically transform your public-facing efforts not only for your website, but also for your social media, paid media, newsletter, text reminders, letters, and even your on-hold messaging. Positioning your services as the only obvious choice in town takes work, but it can be done. 

Another step you can take to escape the clutches of the PPO machine is to pinpoint the type of cases you enjoy and spread the word like a thick BBQ sauce on ribs. Patient reviews and testimonials for the specific service(s) you want to offer go a long way in attracting more similar cases. If your state permits, you can incentivize patients to provide testimonials to help you tell your story. The focus should be on how their lives improved by choosing you to solve their unique dental problems.       

These steps might seem overwhelming and a lot of work, and we’re not going to lie. It is a lot of work, but taking small steps will add up over time. Our PPO Prison Report shows you how to declare your independence from insurance with calculated, proven steps used by fellow doctors who were sick of working so hard to feed the insurance machine. 

Imagine what you would do with all that extra wealth and take the steps to break free.

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