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Right now, dentists across the country are in survival mode, doing the best they can within the constraints mandated by their states and/or dental associations – doing the best they can to cope with enhanced PPE and sanitation and sterilization requirements while dealing with pent up demand for services. 

Hoping that the day runs smoothly and that patients safely receive what they need is about the best dentists can expect as everyone tries to adjust to the new normal.

It wasn’t that long ago that dentistry was both profitable and rewarding. And interestingly, according to a June 29 article in Physicians’ Weekly, newly-minted dentists have a range of definitions of success that don’t directly address profitability.

The article, entitled “Transition to dental practice: Newly graduated dentists’ views of being successful in dental practice.” lists five identified definitions of success:

  • The day runs smoothly
  • Keeping busy
  • Providing quality patient care
  • Generating personal meaning, and 
  • Having a sense of connection and belonging

Some of these definitions may sound both familiar and naive to doctors who have been in practice for some years… but wouldn’t it be nice if dentistry could once again be the way it was?

Generally, the services provided right now are mostly routine exams and drill and fills. But this isn’t a new phenomenon. Volume dentistry has been the rule for almost all dentists for 10-15 years. That phenomenon was primarily driven by the increasing influence and dominance of dental insurance companies. 

But under the current restrictions, volume dentistry is dead. 

Is There Life After Volume Dentistry?

The short answer is, you betcha. You don’t have to see every patient in your market, and you shouldn’t try. It’s perfectly fine to establish a preference for higher-value cases over the run of the mill. You’ll still get some routine exams and drill and fills, but those shouldn’t be the majority of the prospects in your patient funnel.

In addition to the obvious advantages – more money per patient and more time to devote to each one – you’ll have cases that you really enjoy doing, ones that stretch and challenge you professionally. When you work this model correctly, you can even do more pro bono work without missing the fees. And that is an excellent way of making a contribution and finding meaning in what you do.

Moreover, higher collections will serve to partially insulate your practice from the uncertainties that all dentists face right now.

SmartBox has been helping dentists get the patients they want for more than 15 years. A case in point is Dr. Mitchel Friedman: “Our case size was $2500 per new patient. Since SmartBox, it has grown to now $5400.”

Maybe Those New Dentists Are Onto Something

Dentistry was never meant to be an endurance contest, and it’s one you don’t need to compete in. Take your first step toward rediscovering dentistry the way it should be by scheduling your Practice Growth Call.


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