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If you’re a fan of the “Terminator” science fiction movies, you probably know this famous line: “The future's not set; there's no fate but what we make for ourselves.”

Wise words, and very timely right now.

It’s exceedingly rare that an event happens to the entire world. Right now, the only continent untouched by COVID-19 is Antarctica. Every country on earth has positive cases and is engaged in a relentless war against the virus.

Thinking about it can seem overwhelming, but dentists don’t have to focus on the entire world; that’s optional. When it comes to the future, dentists should focus on their fate and what they want to make of it.

Let’s Get Started

There’s arguably little, if anything, that individuals can do to influence the course of the pandemic. A tighter focus on what you can influence is the way to go. That starts with your practice, your people, and your patients – the three P’s.

When it comes to your practice, what we’re facing right now should serve as a wake-up call. Business as usual is a long way from coming back. And truth to tell, business as usual wasn’t all that great for dentists to begin with. There are very few dentists who enjoy getting pushed around by insurance companies, who enjoy facing an endless stream of low-value routine cases, who like not being clinically challenged or inspired.

But that was the case for the vast majority of dentists pre-COVID. If you don’t act to create your fate, it’s likely to be your lot again. If you like a high-volume practice, then stop reading now. But if you want better for your practice, your people, and your patients, read on.

Dentistry Was Never Supposed To Be An Endurance Contest

With the exception of specialty practices, every dentist will have some routine exams and minor restorations to perform. But those don’t have to be the large majority of the cases you see every day. That’s just something you got pushed into by dental insurance companies.

You’re a skilled professional, one who undoubtedly has cases that really intrigue and challenge you professionally. And, that pay a lot better than a typical exam and filling. Those are the cases you should be pursuing. Those are the cases that will put the fun back into dentistry and allow you the lifestyle you want and the time to enjoy it. And they’ll be a lot more fun and rewarding for your team as well.

You don’t have to change your practice to a specialty practice, although you can. Colin Receveur’s father, Dr. Ron Receveur, did exactly that. He created a dental implant practice within his general practice, and now he’s the destination for implants in a 200-mile radius.

Instead, market for the patients with the conditions you want to treat. You almost certainly won’t get those patients with low-price advertising; you’re talking a significant out of pocket investment from those patients, and they’re far more interested in results than in saving a few bucks.

SmartBox has helped thousands of dentists create the future they want. If you want to know how we do that, schedule your Practice Growth Call.

It’s your future. You can take what you get, or you can create what you want. There’s no fate but what you make for yourself.


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