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If your practice has reopened, you might be experiencing a sudden inrush of low-value patients. In fact, you might be swamped, particularly if your state has mandated a reduced patient volume at one time in the office. 

Still, money is coming in, and that has to feel good after that long dry spell. 

But there’s a problem you might not be aware of.

Those low-value patients are lidocaine for dentists. They take away the pain, but when the rush is over – when the shot wears off – the underlying problem is still there.

That problem is how you operated before the shutdown, and how you likely intend to operate going forward. 

There’s Another Storm Coming

The problem with Nature is that it just flat doesn’t care about human beings. We’ve already seen what one lethal virus running amok can do, and we’re looking at another resurgence of the H1N1 flu this fall. Oh, and COVID-19 might well rear its head again.

Granted, H1N1 doesn’t appear to be as lethal as the coronavirus, but the impact on society of two pandemics co-occurring will be devastating. 

Long story short, you’re looking at another shutdown, and one that will probably be longer than the one we just went through. Your practice likely wasn’t prepared for the first shutdown, and doing what you did that left you unprepared for that one will leave you unprepared for the next time your practice is shuttered.

If You Want A Different Outcome, Prepare Differently

If we’re looking at another shutdown, you have a limited amount of time to prepare. It’s not so much a numbers game – there are only so many hours and days in a week, and only one of you – as it is a value game.

Since your time and the number of patients you can see are limited, you have to maximize the value of every patient you see. Why? Because you can’t count on another round of federal money to keep your practice afloat; the distaste for huge deficit spending is intensifying in some quarters of Washington, D.C.

So, you need to have your own “war chest” to keep your practice afloat when the next storm hits. Let’s be clear – there are any number of dentists out there who won’t prepare, and whose practices likely won’t survive another setback. Are you going to be one of them, or will you act now?

We Literally Wrote The Book On Higher-Value Patients

Colin Receveur is the author of a large number of books on dental practice growth, and a huge number of free reports and tools that are available to download. Our entire focus, since our inception, has been helping dentists to get more, higher-value patients, and this pandemic hasn’t changed that. 

If anything, we’ve tightened our focus, because we know that many dentists are unprepared for what’s coming. The best way to take action now is to schedule a Practice Growth Call with Ashley Best, SmartBox’s Director of Practice Growth.

The Practice Growth Call is actually a complimentary multistep consulting package we are gifting (we typically charge $5,500 for our Practice Growth Roadmaps) to qualified dentists who are serious about “leveling up” in every area of their practice.

Please understand, this is not a sales call, this is a consulting call. This is a call that is focused on showing you a clear path toward big results in your practice. We’re aiming at a level of result that is out of reach for most dentists in the country.

Why do we do this? Why do we task members of our team to focus on the growth of your practice before and regardless of whether or not we ever work together?

Because that’s how we show dentists just like you that the approach we take to success in dentistry works. And because we’re pretty clear on what’s coming – the lidocaine will wear off, and the underlying problem is still going to be there.


Written by Smartbox

SmartBox employs the best minds in dentistry to help you grow your practice. Our Practice Growth System™ is proven to help dentists in every market area across the country achieve predictable year-over-year growth.