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You’re hunched over a chair, back aching, fingers stiff, and it’s only Wednesday morning. You still love doing dentistry, but retirement seems a distant dream your body wants to comfortably sink into sooner rather than later. You thought hard work would pay off big time, but some days it seems you’re paying out more than you’re taking home.

Working hard is commendable, and working hard while doing what you love can be very rewarding. How long, however, do you want to keep at the grind? Ten more years? 15?

A while ago we introduced you to Dr. Tom Peterson. Just like you, he worked his tail off for over 20 years. He loved treating patients and tackling challenging cases, but it was literally sucking the life out of him. He finally had an epiphany of sorts. He realized he couldn’t physically or emotionally handle all the stress he’d endured for decades. Dr. Peterson knew there had to be a better way to do dentistry and still have plenty of time to enjoy life. 

The Roadmap for the “Wealthiest Dentist” Lifestyle Exists…

Dr. Peterson has built a successful practice that brings in plenty of money, but only requires him to be in the office two days a week. He’s experiencing freedom and wealth that his first two decades in dentistry never accomplished.

In just a few short years of implementing the right marketing and management systems to attract high-value cases, Dr. Peterson now produces $4.4 million per year. The best part is, he’s keeping 47% of it. That’s $2,068,000 coming home with him working just two days per week! The rest of the time he’s fishing and enjoying life by the ocean. 

While he’s living out his dream, Dr. Peterson’s associate is producing $1.8 million per year taking on general cases. The system is running itself, and he can finally sit back and watch it grow. 

Dr. Peterson’s path to success is something any dentist willing to put in the strategic work can enjoy. He didn’t magically start to make a lot of money. His success was designed and calculated. 

If you haven’t read his story yet, or it’s been awhile and you’ve lost that excitement to map out your success, then maybe it’s time to (re)visit his journey. Or you can let more time pass you by as you work the grind day in and day out. You have nothing to lose… but freedom and money.     

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