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Predictions are for a strong business environment in 2021 and beyond. That’s a good news/bad news scenario for many dental practices.

It’s good news because it means that you’ll probably have “enough” new and established patients in your chairs.

It’s bad news because the competitive landscape has never been more competitive, and it’s only going to get worse. Markets and circumstances vary, so “enough” patients may turn into “not enough” patients.

It’s either good news or bad news depending on how optimized your dental practice is. Since the word “optimized” has different meanings for practicing dentists, SmartBox uses the term to describe a dental practice in which every non-clinical function is performed to the highest possible level for that practice.

There’s a slightly gray area when it comes to staff/patient interactions. If that interaction happens chairside just before or during a procedure, it’s arguably clinical. If interaction takes place in the lobby, that’s generally non-clinical.

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Optimized dental practices generate more revenue, attract more high-value cases, and retain more existing patients. Those three functions will be crucial going forward.

Say what you will about the “chain” dental practices, but they have the patient experience down to a science. Smaller practices will have to compete against that “system” even more strongly going forward.

That means ensuring that your practice is happy, harmonious, aligned, caring, and helpful. It may well already be all of those things, or there may be an area or two where things are good but could be better. 

That’s where “good enough,” isn’t.

SmartBox can help in three areas – getting more and better patients in your chairs; helping you train your team to the highest possible level; and helping you gain complete alignment between team members (and avoiding the drama that’s the bane of practices everywhere).

You can explore how your practice can go from “good enough” to great by scheduling a complimentary 45-minute Practice Growth Call with our Director of Practice Growth.


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