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If you’ve seen the news today, you know that the Biden administration is starting from scratch when it comes to a strategy to get enough Covid-19 vaccine shots in arms to achieve herd immunity.

It’s understandable if you see this as a setback, but it’s best viewed as an opportunity, and here’s why.

You’ve undoubtedly had patients who received substandard dental work from another dentist. Redoing someone’s inadequate work is almost always far more time-consuming than performing the indicated procedure on an untouched tooth.  

So, while there’s nothing for the administration to build upon, there’s also nothing for them to undo as they roll out their strategy. Arguably, this can accelerate the rate at which the country reaches herd immunity. And that’s something that you can factor into your own planning for 2021.

Keep Reassuring Your Patients & Prospects

Your practice undoubtedly has a number of infection prevention measures in place. If you haven’t thoroughly explained each of those measures to your patient base, and added those explanations to your website, do so now. 

In addition to discussing mask-wearing, disinfection measures, and distancing, be sure to notify your patients when your staff has been fully immunized. That appears to be happening unevenly across the various states, so don’t assume that your patients will assume that your people have or haven’t been immunized. Make sure they know.

More than anything, people are longing for normal, even if that’s a new normal. They need reassurance that things are going to get better. Emphasize the positive wherever possible. For instance, if you decide (out of an abundance of caution) to have the entire practice professionally cleaned, send out an email describing how you’ve gone the extra mile to ensure patients’ safety while they’re being seen. 

That’s just an example, but everything positive is welcome right now. Take advantage of that desire to keep your patients reassured and your chairs full.


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