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Success in dentistry comes in many forms: a steady patient flow, high-value cases, continued financial growth, a great team, and so on. But the thing most responsible for your success, doing dentistry, may also trap you in a prison of your own making, 

It may quietly sneak up on you over the years. If you wake up one day and realize that you respond to every challenge that arises in your practice by doing more dentistry, it’s time to figure out how to break out.

First, take a look at how doing more dentistry ultimately creates a trap that’s hard to escape. This type of success demands a very high price in return. It might come in the form of your physical health, your mental health, and even your relationships with loved ones. 

From the outside, it appears that you have it all together. You’re making money, patients are happy and keep coming back, you’re cramming more into your day to grab as many high-value cases you can get your hands on. Yet at the end of each day, you’ve exhausted all your physical and mental energy – so much that you don’t have anything left to give.

Who is this hurting? Who notices that you’re not there for a soccer match? A piano recital? A dinner with friends? 

This is not a guilt trip. It’s a wake-up call for those of you who have poured yourself into your practice and have seen wild success – but at the expense of other things. 

We know of such a doctor. With our help, he finally realized his success had evolved into a prison of his own making. Dr. Robert Pacer, who we now like to call “Chained to the Chair No More Pacer,” is still wildly successful, but it’s on his terms. He’s opening more locations and expects to pull in over $4 million per year while at the same time cutting his hours at the office. That’s a win in our book.

Dr. Pacer’s story recently became available. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, you can grab it here: The Three-Day Work Week. If you’re feeling trapped in your own success, you can and should take the steps to break free and spend  time enjoying what you’ve built. 

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