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Yes, 18 months from now is January 2022. If you’re gambling on dentistry being “business as usual” by next summer, you might want to rethink that.

Right now, it’s possible that one or more vaccines to COVID-19 will be tested and approved for use some time in January or February. Don’t bet the farm on that happening, but it’s possible according to several experts. 

But the vaccine isn’t going to be enough to re-establish the normal state of things for two simple reasons. The first is that it takes time to ramp up enough production to create hundreds of millions of doses of one vaccine. And that’s just for the United States. Vaccine makers will need to supply billions of doses worldwide; you shouldn’t assume that the U.S. will have priority.

Beyond the logistics, there’s the issue that far too many people will refuse any vaccine. That might be from delusion, misinformation, or sheer stubbornness, but the end result will be the same: new surges, new hot spots, and possibly endemic infection nationwide.

How’s Your Capacity?

Maybe you’re  fortunate to live in a state where there are no capacity restrictions on dentists. But you’re still not at your original capacity due the added time between appointments resulting from waiting room restrictions, sterilization procedures, and PPE changes.

And you might very well not have all the staff you used to. SmartBox is receiving many reports that practices are short-staffed due to the failure of team members to return. 

If you’re in a restricted-practice state and you don’t have enough staff, you’re definitely in a bind. In fact, most practices would struggle to keep the lights on under those circumstances.

But even if you’re uniquely fortunate, there’s one other factor that will hamstring almost any practice – the possibility of new shutdowns. We all hope and pray that won’t happen, but it’s something that you must include in your planning.

The Solution Is The RIGHT Number

The “volume” model of dentistry is dead, at least for the foreseeable future. Under these conditions, dentists simply can’t run the kind of high-volume practices that they’re used to. The only solution is to accept that volume will be diminished, but that you can compensate by increasing the average case value of your patients.

That’s not to say that your practice won’t have a hygiene component; hygiene is one of the basic linchpins of dentistry. It is to say that you absolutely need to get maximum value for your practice from each and every patient.

SmartBox has two proven approaches to making that happen for our doctors. The first is to attract higher-value patients to your practice. A single set of veneers or an implant is worth many times the value of a routine exam and drill-and fill. Fewer patients, more money, and generally without the hassle of dental insurance companies.

The second approach is to help our dentists maximize the value of each and every patient they see. In fact, we’ve created an entire video-driven curriculum that empowers you or your designee to lead to your team to accomplish exactly that. 

If either or both of those options sounds like something you’d like to explore, schedule a Practice Growth Call. You and Ashley Best, our Director of Practice Growth, will have an in-depth discussion about your goals, your competitive environment, and your vision for your practice. Following the call, you’ll receive your personalized Roadmap, created by a team of SmartBox experts, that lays out how to achieve your goals.

It’s the best thing you can do to ensure the long-term profitability and success of your practice.


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