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In a curious turn of events, we’re hearing from you that the yearly Sucktember has been replaced by packed schedules. Being busy is great, but what will the end result reveal when things slow down? And you know they will. Now might be a good time to figure out what kind of busy you are.  

We still have the second leg of September to get through, so getting out in front of the inevitable slowdown will help you sail through that cycle with ease. Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on. Are you sitting on a majority of routine cases? PPO-heavy patients? What’s your appointing rate? 

You might enjoy the hustle and bustle of it all. But if you aren’t also taking a close look at your practice’s data, you could be working your way to a cliff. How is production compared to overhead, compared to average case value, your team-to -patient ratio, and so on? If you don’t know, you could be digging yourself a deeper hole.  

Could the real reason for a packed schedule be that you’re short-staffed? Hiring is still a bear as practices vie for the best talent. If you haven’t found a fit for your team, or you’re losing team members to better offers, the natural result is that you’ll be stretched thin (e.g. “busy”). 

Scurrying on a treadmill every day, all day makes the weeks go by faster, but when you eventually hop off to take a breather, wouldn’t it be nice to see that you’ve built a healthy nest egg of wealth? 

If you’re too busy to hire the right talent or market your practice to attract high value cases, this current busyness will: 1. Wear you out, 2. Put you no further ahead on the production scale, and 3. Not help you find the best talent to help share the load and make you more money.

Helping doctors enjoy the right kind of busyness is something SmartBox does every day. If you’ve taken the time to come up for air and read this, consider letting us help you discover your kind of busyness.     

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