Social Media Marketing For Dentists Made Easy!

Social media marketing is a must-do for dental practice success these days. But who has time? Now, your practice can easily become a powerhouse on social media with SmartBox’s BUZZ™!


Take Control Of Your Social Media Marketing!

Let your patients do the work

Social media marketing is an afterthought for most busy dental practices. But now, SmartBox’s BUZZ makes your patients the driving force in promoting your practice online!

Your patients can quickly and easily post to their own social media pages and include high-quality, branded photos and materials from within your practice! There are no HIPAA issues when patients do the posting.

Promotional Campaigns

Every two months, your practice receives fun and informative campaign materials that make each patient visit even more enjoyable and encourage them to share online.

With these engaging and fun promotional materials, your practice will definitely experience the BUZZ™ of engaged, entertained, and supportive patients!

  • Posters
  • Buttons
  • Raffle Entry Cards
  • Social Signs
  • Table Tents
  • Digital Content
  • T-Shirts
  • Photo Props
  • Blog Template


Social Media Publisher Saves Time,
Increases Impact!

You’ll have a treasure trove of fun, engaging, and informative social media posts, created by expert content writers, that you can quickly and easily brand for your practice. New content is added every week, so you never need to worry about running out of ideas! Advance scheduling means that your posts will appear on time even if your practice closes for vacation or your social media manager is away.

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Ipad Photo Booth

The iPad Photo Booth mounts on the included photo stand, providing high-quality, branded pictures of your patients (and staff, if the patients like) that can be sent to patients for posting on social media.


BiMonthly Printed Campaign Materials

You receive professionally created campaign materials every other month to create BUZZ and engagement in your practice. Your patients will love the fun and informational materials!


Social Media Publisher

Imagine always having new, professionally produced social media content on hand that you can quickly brand and post! Schedule ahead to keep your social media accounts constantly full and always engaging!.

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Take Back Control Of Your Social Media Marketing!

Turn your social media marketing into a joy rather than a chore and enjoy all the benefits! BUZZ™ will make it happen!

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