127% Jump In New Patient Opportunities

He was struggling with his current marketing and his new patient calls plummeted (his word), and it got to the point where they were nervous that they weren't able to fill their books with all the holes in their schedule.

Here's what happened:

That's a 127% increase in NPOs!

Before SmartBox
47 NPOs
107 - NPOs
“My mindset is, has always been, go big or go home. So, we talked to SmartBox and we've got a plan, and we saw a significant jump in our new patients at that point. We started at 45, and then after we started with SmartBox, it immediately jumped up to 65-75. Last month [six months later] we were over 107, and the campaign, from what I understand, hasn't really been started yet! We're excited to see what happens... Since we've started with SmartBox, we've hired about four or five more staff. We've hired another dentist. I think from this time last year, we're up about 25 to 30 percent, and at this point, our main issue is having enough space to put folks.”
Dr. Michael Kirchner

Jeffersonville, Indiana