Meet Dr. Mitchel Friedman of Newman Springs.

When you've firmly established yourself online, but riding herd on your marketing is taking far too much staff time, something's gotta give. Dr. Mitchel Friedman contacted SmartBox.

His Team's Goals.

Dr. Friedman is a very growth-oriented dentist who embraces the promise of online technology. But he didn't have time to pull everything together himself. He wanted everything to "just work." Specifically, he knew he needed to integrate and automate online programs, gain the ability to accurately track and measure marketing results, and add additional prospects to his sales funnel.

Before SmartBox
$2500 / New Patient
$5400 / New Patient

What SmartBox Did.

Dr. Friedman needed someone to take his marketing to the next level, and SmartBox focuses on doing just that for dentists. Now, he gets to focus on seeing patients and making money by solving their dental problems, rather than having to babysit a piecemeal marketing system.

“Colin and his brilliant team were quickly able to consolidate and automate our online programs – email responses, phone tracking and recording, press releases, blog posts, Infusionsoft integration with ortho and implant campaign sequences. We can measure our results and follow up on leads, as well as add prospects to our funnel. Colin is the man in direct response marketing for dentists. Our case size was $2500 per new patient. Since SmartBox, it has grown to now $5400. I like that Colin does his testing for his father's practice, and we get the benefit from that experience. Any questions, give Colin Receveur a try. You won't be sorry.”
Dr. Mitchel Friedman

Newman Springs