Case Study - How Dr. Schmidt Grew His Dental Practice With SEO

Dr. Schmidt is a highly experienced Chicago-area orthodontist who had known Colin Receveur for years, but it wasn't until after he'd talked with various orthodontists over the course of a few years and seen the results they’d obtained that Orthodontic Alliances contacted SmartBox. Turned out to be a really good move.

Here's what happened:

25.7% Increase In Contracts & Collections In The First Month!

After 1 Month
25.7% Increase In Collections
“The first month we went operational, Colin's webpage work and Google SEO increased our April Contracts and Collections by 25.7%! I don't think I have ever seen an increase like that in 30 years of practice… Wow. ... Our staff has been very impressed with all that SmartBox has done, and our patients now go to our website much more often, about two to three times as often as they used to, which has been incredible for our retention and internal referrals.”
Dr. Randy Schmidt

Chicago Area

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