Dental Consulting Services To Level Up Your Team,
Maximize Revenue,
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Facilitated Peer-To-Peer Online Learning

The fine nuances of the challenges you face as the dental practice owner may be unique, but they're not unprecedented. Other dentists have faced and overcome similar challenges, and you can "go to school" on their experience.

In other words, you don't have to go it alone when you utilize SmartBox's dental consultant services. You can schedule a White Glove Walkthrough Consultation call with one of our Practice Growth Experts, which we highly recommend for any of the three Success AcademyTM systems; or you can get ongoing consultation services through Success Academy - PremiumTM.


Success Academy - PeopleTM: Create Your Own TEAM-DRIVEN Practice!

Too many dental practices fail to thrive because team members aren't all aligned with the dentist-owner's vision for the practice. They're not inspired and not all pulling in the same direction, which results in conflict and drama … the bane of dental practices.

SmartBox's research shows that team-driven practices deliver superior patient experiences and care. When all team members are clear on and aligned with the vision and goals for the practice, your practice becomes a destination for the patients you want, and your revenue and average case value will soar.

We've done the heavy lifting for you. You'll find it easy to put the principles and processes in place to make your practice everything you want it to be.


Just $1997! 

Or make 5 payments of $497

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SmartBox's Success Academy - PracticeTM Is The Answer

Did dental school teach you anything about creating and managing a focused and cohesive team? Of course not. Kudos for doing your best, but why suffer the pain of a trial-and-error approach when the heavy lifting has already been done for you?

SmartBox's research shows that team-driven practices deliver superior patient experiences and care. When all team members are clear on and aligned with the vision and goals for the practice, your practice becomes a destination for the patients you want.

That's the formula for lasting success and maximum growth. Success Academy - PracticeTM will help you implement it. 


Just $1997! 

Or make 5 payments of $497 

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How It Works

There are three components to Success Academy - PremiumTM, all of which are conducted largely online.

Front Office Coaching is facilitated by Denise Williamson, an amazing instructor with over 30 years of front office experience. Your front office staff will learn from someone who actually does what they do, and does it superbly! And they'll learn from each other as well.

The Course Deep Dive and the Practice Manager AllianceTM are video conferences facilitated by David Bonney, SmartBox's Chief Strategy Officer. You can get – and give – answers to pressing questions from those who have overcome or who are facing those obstacles.  

We're offering Success Academy - PremiumTM to those savvy dentists who have purchased Success Academy - PracticeTM. The value to your practice is enormous.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Dr. Takacs
"What that has given me the opportunity to work with Colin and David, and there are two other offices on this CEO Roundtable, we're able to say, 'Okay, we all have the same concerns,' or 'I've been through this, and this is how we got the solutions.' We work with each other to better ourselves and become better doctors and better teams and better offices."

— Dr. Patricia Takacs - Lexington, Kentucky

"My goal is to double our practice size in the next two years, and I really feel confident that with our help through SmartBox, we can accomplish that."

— Dr. Michelle Haynes - Highlands Ranch, Colorado

"I'll have to hire more front desk people, and that's fine. That's what I want to happen. I may have to open another office. Okay, fine. Let it happen. I like it when my phones ring."

— Dr. Jeffrey Busch - Houston, Texas

"The lead-in from the time of scheduling this day was very helpful, all the emails, the little coaching points. The steps of what I needed to do was very well written and easy to follow. Your coaching as far as how to call them and what to say was right on the money."

— Dr. David Dinsmore - Broomfield, Colorado

"Most of the marketing practices, it's all, 'Expand hours, expand services, expand locations. The answer to everything, is volume.' I started researching Colin and looking at SmartBox. And I said, okay, I'm on board with this. These guys think like I do. They see the market like I do."

— Dr. Jeffrey Fester - Roswell, Georgia

"If somebody already knows how to do this, then bring them in. Integrate that into the practice, and take all of the things that we are currently doing well, and then move forward. That's the thing that kind of brought us to you guys."

— Dr. Arthur Laos - Los Alamitos, California