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Every market is unique, and so is every dental practice. Depending on your practice's competitive landscape, the market conditions, and the demographic and economic profiles of your target patients, off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter tactics will never work for long-term, scalable growth. 

That's why our Practice Growth Systems™ are tailor-made to give you the exact combination of solutions needed for each one of your practices to succeed. Whether you're a single practice, a group practice, or a DSO, SmartBox will engineer solutions to get you to your goals.

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Our 4-Fold Promise

We'll create growth you wouldn't normally achieve with traditional dental marketing. You grow your practice your way and on your terms. Don't settle for what a cookie-cutter dental marketing firm provides.

We'll hold ourselves and you accountable to the only metrics that matter. More patients, higher-value patients, lower cost of acquisition, higher retention – what's most important to you?

We'll carefully invest each dollar for maximum results. Your fully integrated Practice Growth System™ is the most effective and economical way to achieve the growth you want. And you have complete, 24/7 transparency into how your investment is paying off.

We'll do for you what we've done for more than 9,817 dentists across the U.S.: help you get the patients you need to grow your practice and to succeed on your own terms.

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What We Provide



Custom Marketing Plan Tailored To Your Goals 

Every practice has unique challenges within their market – an abundance of competitors, demographic issues, and more. 
Cookie-cutter marketing solutions just aren't going to cut it. That's why we create a completely individualized plan – based on your assets as well as your challenges – designed to help you meet and even surpass your goals.


Individualized Support & Superb Communication

Never feel abandoned again! You and your marketing services get the TLC of a designated Client Success Manager who is only a phone call or an email away. 
With their support, you'll finally be in position to grow your practice to the level you've always wanted. And you'll be amazed at the level of communication and support you'll enjoy.


In-Depth Reporting & The Insights You Need

Our innovative marketing dashboard provides 24/7, real-time information on every aspect of your marketing. You know what's working and what's not. 
Plus, our Call Quality Analysts listen to and report on every incoming call. You'll know exactly who is calling, when, and how well each of your phone answerers are appointing new patients.


The Future You Want Is Just A Phone Call Away

Schedule your Practice Growth CallTM. This isn't a sales call; rather, it's a 45-minute mutual exploration of your practice goals, your competitive environment, and the "fit" between you and SmartBox. Following the call, you'll receive your personalized Roadmap to the future you want.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"I think when we started we were somewhere in the double digits, maybe 70 or 80 new patients a month. Last month we had 257."

— Dr. Anish Patel - Panama City, Florida

"SmartBox has been very instrumental in the growth of our practice going from 250, to 300 to 350 new patients per month."

— Dr. Katie Post - Rochester, Minnesota

"Our case size was $2500 per new patient. Since SmartBox, it has grown to now $5400."

— Dr. Mitchel Friedman - Lincroft, New Jersey

"We had, probably 20-30 new patients, maybe 40 before SmartBox per month. Last month, we almost hit 70."

— Dr. Sean Hanson - Salem, Oregon

"Since we've implemented our SmartBox Practice Growth System, we're definitely getting the quality patients that I want to see come into my practice."

— Dr. James Kiehl - Nashua, New Hampshire

"Since we've been working with SmartBox, we actually have had a 30 percent or higher growth each year."

— Dr. Michelle Haynes - Highlands Ranch, Colorado