The NEXT Assistant You Should Hire!

Online website assistants and chat-bots pop up almost everywhere these days. Internet users practically expect the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers immediately, and dental websites need to catch up! If your website doesn’t offer interactivity for prospects, you’re losing out on new patient opportunities.


Free Up Your Staff’s Time!

The New Patient Assistant™ is a done-for-you addition to your current website. Personalize the assistant with whatever human name you like and determine the times that you want it to be active.

Our New Patient Assistant™ provides what prospects expect – answers to common questions combined with the choice of how they prefer to interact with your practice.

Just sit back and watch as it deftly handles prospects’ inquiries and captures their contact information (name, address, phone number) and emails that information to your practice.

Prefer to step in and respond personally? No problem! Our Live Chat and Two Way Text options will allow your staff to do just that when necessary.


The New Patient Assistant™ Will

  • Answer routine questions that take up your front desk staffs’ valuable time.
  • Help determine whether the prospect needs an appointment.
  • Offer a call-back from your office or provide your practice’s phone number if questions become too complex.
  • Capture patient information and appointment requests.
  • Reduce the amount of time your staff spends scheduling patients as they have already been pre-qualified.
  • Answer inquiries about the services you offer and days/hours of operation.
  • Get more qualified patients coming into your office.
  • Allows your practice to choose what features you want: Chatbot, LiveChat, or Two Way Text response – all from one easy to use platform.

During business hours, your staff is freed up to deal with in-office patients and other matters instead of responding to routine requests. With the prospect’s contact information, your front office can answer inquiries at times that don’t detract from day-today operations.

Now Featuring

  • LiveChat
  • Two Way Texting


  • Client has the ability to choose want features they want
  • AI Chatbot/LiveChat/2 way texting or any combination thereof
  • Gives users/practices two new ways to interact with each other
  • Texting gives practices to reach a new/younger audience
  • Practice can respond to both Live Chat and Two Texting is ONE easy to use platform
  • Practice will receive emails when Live Chats and Texts come into their office
  • We generate a texting number on their behalf so nothing they have to do
  • Practices can have as many people as they want answering Live Chat/Two Way texts and they can be logged in at the same time
  • Live Chat allows practices to step in at any time to take over a chat
  • Practices can see stats on how conversations are turning into leads in the dashboard


Updates Are Free!

We know that things can change for dental practices – dentists join or leave the practice, hours of operation can change, and the practice can offer additional services. If you need changes made to your New Patient Assistant™ just email your Client Success Manager and we’ll take care of it at no charge.

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The New Patient Assistant™ is yours for an investment of just $249 a month, and you can cancel at any time. This is an excellent investment to make in your success!

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