Patient Attraction Episode 359

Welcome to day 3 of our look at my company, SmartBox Web Marketing. Today, I want to tell you about our marketing approach for dentists. Stay tuned.

– Right now, 94 percent of new patients use the Internet to research and find a doctor.

– In previous years, putting your practice directly in front of those searchers and potential patients has been relatively simple.

– In fact, getting new patients online was so straightforward that you could get results even with one of those cookie-cutter dental websites.

– But those days are over.

– There is much more competition and Google has changed the way it ranks websites.

– The only way to attract patients online over the long term is to build a better patient attraction system than anyone else.

– The goal of systems-based patient attraction is getting bigger results over time while putting in less effort over the same time.

– Here are our 4 steps of systems-based patient attraction


– Most dentists are well aware that “attracting” patients is a far smarter objective than “chasing” patients.

– Attraction means the patient chooses your practice above every other option.

– “Chasing” means the patient is not yet “sold” on the idea that they should choose you.

– Attraction is about creating a system that leads patients to you without you investing any effort.


– To achieve the status of trusted advisor, your attraction systems need to put you in front of prospects in a way that presents you not as AN expert, but as THE expert.

– Most dental patient attraction is event-based, meaning it’s a series of events, done on demand, focused on attracting patients.

– Systems-based patient attraction means the system is functioning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

– You are attracting all the time.

– One of the purposes of such a system is to build trust and credibility with prospects in a way that makes your practice the only logical choice.

– When you achieve this status, the patients is less concerned about fees and appointment availability than ensuring it is YOUR practice that provides their care.


– Ninety to 95 percent of your prospective patients, especially those who find you online, are not ready to schedule an appointment.

– Without a system that can “nurture” those prospective patients until they ARE ready, you will lose them.

– Most dental practices have no idea how much money they waste getting the attention of a prospective patient who is simply not ready to schedule an appointment.

– Instead of sending that patient welcomed, valuable and automatic follow-up contact, the dental practice forgets about the patient and wastes the marketing investment that initially got his or her attention.


– A systems-based approach to patient attraction allows you to see the return for every dollar invested.

– Each step of your system is measurable and, as a result, is improvable.

– The ability to track the source of every incoming phone call straight through to the revenue it generates gives you a clear picture of which marketing efforts are working and which are not.

– Most dental practices simply don’t have access to this kind of a system.

– That’s why they do the dental equivalent of “flying blind.”

– So why is it a system? Why can’t you do two or three of the four steps and get results?

-Attraction (Step 1) without the necessary follow-up (Step 3) leads to wasted money.

-Follow-up (Step 3) without the proper conversion (Step 2) transforms your practice into an unwanted pest.

-Seeing a system attract patients (Step 1) without having any clue which parts of the system are actually responsible for those patients (Step 4) makes it impossible to keep doing what’s working and to stop doing what’s not.

-With all four steps of the process together, everything works to attract the dentist more and better patients.

– The concepts may sound simple, but the implementation is far more difficult.

– Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you of a couple of our success stories.

– Until then, keep moving forward.

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