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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 76

- Lower patient volume isn't the only problem that dental practices are having nationwide. 

- Some need to figure out how to hire one or more team members, but they aren't able to find them.  Here's how to hire right and hire soon.

-  If you're looking for one or more A-players in your practice, it's time right now to re-think how you're hiring. 

- What works for the average dental assistant or other team member isn't going to work for a highly skilled and motivated A-player.

-  A-players know their worth, and they expect a very competitive offer to come work for you. That's given. 

- They're also looking for other things. And your hiring ad has to indicate that your practice can provide those things. 

- What do A-players want? Well, they want to be part of an organization that's making a difference. 

- They want and need to know that the community is a better place for their efforts.

- They also want to be challenged, whether that challenge is to set the example for the practice or actually lead the team towards your goals. 

- So forget about a hiring ad that says you're busy. And your pay is commensurate with experience. Everybody's saying that.

- Your ad probably won't even get a glance from an A-player candidate. 

- Instead, try something like, “Community-focused dental practice seeks a top-level team member. Are you driven to improve processes and outreach? Can you set the example and mentor your co-workers to achieve excellence? If so, let's explore more.”

- Now, that's the attraction part of the hiring process, and it will interest the high performers while weeding out the ordinary. 

- Remember, your hiring process can only hire as good of people as your recruiting produces. 

- Determining the right fit with your practice is another issue. I'm going to talk about that next time.


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