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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 96

- Today, we're going to go on a journey with the dentist who took his practice from $800,000 to $3.2 million in just six years. 

- Now in just a minute or two, you're going to learn how he did it. 

- If you're going to experience better than average results, you must have a better than average plan.

- Unfortunately, most dentists try to take an average plan and transform that into better than average results. Now, some get lucky, but most just end up burned out and frustrated. 

- When Dr. Raleigh Pioch first opened his practice, the deck was stacked against him. 

- He was working in a city with four and a half times the number of dentists compared to the average level of competition across the country. 

- He was going up against 400 dentists in a city of about 157,000 people. And things didn't go well that first year. 

- By the end of the first year, he and his wife had found themselves about $1,000,000 in the hole. Their dental dream was quickly turning into an expensive nightmare.

- Now, things began to turn around for Dr. Pioch when he decided to get serious about dominating his market. 

- He put a strategy in place that allowed him to attract more and better patients, the more profitable patients, than anybody else in his market area. 

-This is a strategy that even today is rarely used. Even though the internet has been around for a long time, very few dentists know how to use it to effectively generate maximum value. 

- There's plenty of dentists out there that have stuff online that looks nice. And the good news for you is that most of those websites and things don't actually produce results on a consistent basis.

- Why, you ask? Well, because the gizmos that are sold to dentists by the online gurus just don't work. 

- They flood your office with new patient strategies and tactics that don't produce over the long term. They're like a flash in the pan. 

- Now, Dr. Pioch’s story is important because it shows you the value of strategic work in how far superior it is to just plain old hard work. 

- Dr. Pioch had a better strategy, period. It's a strategy that allowed him to generate leverage. And one unit of his effort could be transformed into 100 units of result.

- It wasn't long before his new approach was generating 300-400 calls a month, and a little bit shy of 200 new patients from all those phone calls. 

- Now, there's so much to learn from Dr. Pioch's journey that we put together a case study of how it all played out, what he learned, where he failed and what you can do to take away and improve the results that you're getting right now. 

- To get more of Raleigh’s story and more details about exactly how he engineered his success, visit this URL: https://get.smartboxdental.com/pioch-case-study.


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