My April 1st Survive & Thrive Seminar was absolutely packed. Not surprising as I discussed the ways in which dentists can secure funds to help through this difficult time.

The doctors who attended have a leg up on their competitors now, because they have the tools and the strategies they need to keep their ships afloat.

Here’s what I presented on April 1st:

  • GOLD RUSH!  SBA Loan Forgiveness Strategy + Organizer
  • Make the SAME Money in 2020!  Budgets in an Uncertain World
  • Cash is KING! How to Meet Your Cash Flow Needs Now
  • LEVEL UP Your Team!  How to Leverage Slower Periods
  • Team Compensation and Patient Scheduling Strategies
  • BONUS: Survive and THRIVE Strategy Guide

The webinars happen every Wednesday evening at 7PM Eastern time, and I strongly urge you to tune in every week.

We’re all in this together, and we’ll all emerge stronger and more prosperous.


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Colin CTA

Colin CTA