Our April 29th Survive & Thrive Seminar blew the (online) doors off with attendees and for good reason. This is information you need and can use right now. I answered a lot of great questions, as well!

Here are the new strategies presented on April 22nd:

  • How To Address Patients’ Security & Safety Concerns (Enhanced)
  • How To Prioritize The 3 P’s – Practice, People, Patients
  • How To Deal With Your Patient’s (New) Reality
  • Why “Flying Blind” Leads To Many A Dental Practice Crash
  • How To Reach Your Practice Growth Goals

The webinars happen every Wednesday evening at 7PM Eastern time, and we strongly urge you to tune in every week.

We’ve put the Survive & Thrive webinars online, and you can view previous webinars, as well as register for the series, at smartboxdental.com/covid-19-update 

We’re all in this together, and we’ll all emerge stronger and more prosperous.

See you at the show!



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Colin CTA

Colin CTA