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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 125

-Most patients probably think that most of what a dentist does is dentistry.

-But you and I know that's not the case.

-You know what it feels like to arrive at the office in the morning only to be met with a million different details and questions all standing between you and doing that thing you love, which is dentistry.

-And that's a frustrating situation that, for many dentists, simply becomes a way of life.

-You spend your days putting out all the fires, and you fit the dentistry in between.

-Dentistry is what you get to do after all that other work is done.

-Now, obviously, this, at least to me, seems a little backwards.

-The challenge is to figure out what can be done about it.

-The solution is to become a dentist who only does dentistry.

-You didn't go to school to be a business tycoon and babysit your staff and your practice.

-You didn't go to school to be a human resources director. You didn't go to school to be a finance professional.

-You went to school to be a dentist.

-So the plan is to clear the deck of everything standing in between where you are and a life where you get to do exactly what you love.

-This is what Dr. John O'Rourke did to take his monthly production from $235,000 up to $609,000 a month.

-He built a $6 million practice, and cut his workweek down to three days a week by choosing to be a dentist who does dentistry.

-We've published his story so that you can see exactly what's possible with this approach.

-If you're also tired of wearing a thousand different hats like Dr. O'Rourke was, grab a copy and see how this approach works.


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