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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 117

- While going to a weekend seminar to improve your clinical skills won't do much for your bottom line profit, becoming the most trusted dentist in your area could easily lead to doubling or tripling your profits, or more. 

- The question is, how do you do that?

- This was actually the goal of Dr. Raleigh Pioch, who I talk about often, set out to achieve. 

- He used the power of marketing systems to build trust on a huge scale, and he did so in a city of only 157,000 people. 

- His systems put him everywhere. 

- He got in front of patients long before they ever became patients. 

- He built trust far more than he could ever have done on his own, and over time, he became the go-to dentist in his market area.

- Trust doesn't get a lot of airtime with the gurus, because trust is the product of hard work. 

- It's not clinical work though. That will build trust, but it will do it one patient at a time, and that's the way to build trust at a snail's pace. 

- If you want to do it faster and reap the benefits sooner, do what Dr. Pioch did. 

- He accomplished the whole thing in a few years, going from $800K to $4 million in his practice, and we've published his entire story, grab it here

- I really think it's going to open your eyes to what's possible for your practice.



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