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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 126

- During the late 20th century, marketing your practice was considered to be beneath the status of a dentist. Those who dared to advertise were ridiculed or they were made fun of, they were cast out.

-These days, dentists who choose not to market their practice aren't gonna be in practice for very long.

-But there's another type of marketing that's actually required to climb into the elite levels of dentistry.

-This is marketing that isn't focused on getting patients or ramping up production.

-It's marketing that's focused on keeping your talent pipeline full and primed for whenever you need to draw on it.

-Plenty of dentists know the importance of marketing for patients, few understand the power of building marketing systems for talent.

-If you can't find the talent you need, if you keep attracting people who aren't a good fit, who just don't wanna work, if you're under the impression there just isn't anybody out there right now that's good, then it's likely that your talent marketing system either doesn't exist or it's not working.

-In a practice that runs itself, a practice where you're free to do just the dentistry, there has to be a system in place that markets your practice, like a product, that employees are going to choose. And that's exactly what it is in the eyes of your future staff.

-If they don't know you exist, you lose.

-If they don't know what makes you different, you lose.

-If they don't understand why working with you is by far their best option for them, you lose.

-What system do you have in place to make your practice irresistible for the top talent?

-That's a question that few dentists have an answer for.

-If you're committed to building a practice where you get to focus on doing the dentistry, what you love, then you have to have the talent in place to take care of everything else.

-Building a dental practice that runs itself isn't a fantasy, it just requires the right recipe.

-Dr. John O'Rourke is a dentist who had the recipe, and he built a $6 million practice with it.

-To get the story explaining how he did it and the steps you can take to do it too, grab a copy here.


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