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Patient Attraction Episode 1102

Somewhere out there in your market, there’s another dentist or two who are getting better new dental patients than you are. That’s not necessarily because they’re better dentists or deliver superior results. It’s not necessarily because they have more upscale practices than yours. They’re getting better patients because they know something you don’t, and they’ve acted on that knowledge. If you want to know their secret, stay tuned. I’ll be back after the break.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– Have you ever heard of the 80-20 rule?

– It gets applied in different ways, but it goes something like this.

– 20 percent of efforts or activities generate 80 percent of results.

– For dentists, that could mean that 20 percent of your market could generate 80 percent of your profits.

– In any given market, about 20 percent of your prospects don’t care about dental insurance, or specials, or price.

– They have the means and the willingness to pay more for a dentist they like, relate to, and trust.

– Those are the patients you should be marketing to.

– You should be, but you probably aren’t.

– How do I know that you’re probably not getting those better patients?

– Because you’re watching this podcast, and you’re watching to get ideas about how to get more patients.

– There’s no secret to getting better dental patients.

– We’ve posted a huge amount of information on smartboxwebmarketing.com detailing how to do exactly that.

– I even cover different aspects of our Patient Attraction SystemTM in various podcasts and in our Inside Patient Attraction™ webinars.

– So, the information is out there, and you can learn to do it yourself.

– But in addition to learning how to set up your own patient attraction system, you’ll also learn that it’s a huge amount of work.

– Don’t get me wrong; the rewards are well worth the effort.

– But very few dentists out there have the required determination, skills, and bandwidth.

– And you should know that you won’t make a dime from the time and effort involved to set up a patient attraction system.

– You make money by seeing patients and solving their dental problems.

– Do you have an enormous amount of downtime in your practice?

– If not, you’ll be working on this system before and after work, and on weekends.

– So, it’s obvious that you’re looking for more dental patients, and hopefully better patients.

– And unless you’re an extremely rare kind of dentist, you don’t have the time or the capability to put together and maintain your own system.

– Dr. Jonathan Gilbart of Hagerstown, Maryland, was in that same position.

– He became a SmartBox dentist, and here’s what he said.

–  “I wanted to find a company that could do everything, as far as marketing, for me and put it all together without me having to spend a ton of time learning what search engine optimization was or Google AdWords.

– “I’ve been very happy with SmartBox and their ability to take all the stuff, put it together, and handle that aspect so I can focus on my patients.”

– You could take all the stuff, put it all together, and handle that aspect, but wouldn’t you rather be making money by treating patients?

– And wouldn’t you prefer to be getting those better patients rather than the dentist down the street?

– We’ve got an offer for serious dentists who want to see a Patient Attraction SystemTM that can double or even triple their practices.

– Visit smartboxdental.com and schedule your Practice Discovery Call.

– The call is free, and we’ll take the results and provide you with your own, personalized Patient Attraction RoadmapTM.

– And we’ll discuss the results you can expect when you work with SmartBox.

– Do you remember the difference between you and the other dentists who are getting better patients?

– They knew something you didn’t, and they acted on that knowledge.

– Now you know, and the only question is whether you’ll act.

– Join me for our next podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.

Colin Receveur

Created by Colin Receveur

“As a dentist, you don’t want marketing or websites or SEO, You want more and better patients in your chair. We know how to dominate your market area to make that happen.”

"Running your practice by yourself can feel overwhelming. With our help, you can increase the quality and quantity of your new patients, which will allow you to get back to enjoying life."
Colin CTA

Colin CTA