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Patient Attraction Episode 1060

I know thousands of dentists, and I know that too many of them have no idea what parts of their marketing are bringing in new patients. Even worse, too many of them don’t know what their marketing return on investment is. You might be one of those dentists, and it’s almost certainly hurting your bottom line. As a small business owner, like you, let me tell you that’s no way to run things. When we come back, I’ll tell how to know exactly what parts of your marketing are working and which aren’t.

– I’m Colin Receveur, founder and CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– The common wisdom is that marketing is an inexact science at best.

– In years past, that was true because determining return on investment was a hit-or-miss business at best.

– For dentists, there was always the question of whether an increase in new patients was just a normal fluctuation, or whether the marketing was working.

– And forget about trying to figure out how patients chose that practice.

– Studies have shown that new dental patients are notorious for not accurately remembering what ad or online marketing piece they saw before calling.

– Some marketing firms that work with dentists are still doing “voodoo” marketing.

– The thing about voodoo is that sometimes it seems to work and other times not.

– But there’s no explanation for either outcome.

– I think that’s deplorable, because there’s a way to determine your exact ROI.

– And there’s also a way to determine what parts of your marketing are bringing in the most new patients.

– When I talk with dentists, I get responses like, “Well, our marketing seems to be working.”

– Or, “Well, we have more patients this month than last, so …”

– That’s the “feelings” approach to marketing, and it’s the dentist equivalent of voodoo marketing.

– You might feel that you newspaper ads are bringing in the most new patients when it’s actually your dental emails.

– Or something else entirely.

– Feelings are no substitute for hard data.

– Accurate data allows you to put more of your hard-earned marketing dollars where they’ll do the most good – and to pull money from channels that aren’t producing.

– Few dental practices can afford to waste marketing funds.

– That’s likely what you’re doing right now.

– How’s that working out for you?

– Are your growth numbers where you need and want them to be?

– Or are you struggling to fill your chairs?

– Then there’s the question of overall ROI.

– A lot of dentists would be thrilled with a confirmed return on investment of 5 to 1.

– Many of our SmartBox dentists are getting ROIs between 17 to 1 and 46 to 1.

– We know this because of phone tracking.

– Our dentists enjoy the benefits of our exclusive Zetetics® phone tracking system.  

– Here’s how it works.

– Every piece of your marketing is assigned a unique phone number, and calls to those numbers are forwarded to your office.

– The source of the incoming call, and the call itself, are automatically recorded and stored on a database.

– SmartBox’s dedicated team of Call Quality Analysts listens to every call for every dentist every month.

– That’s how we can determine exactly where your new patients found your practice.

– But there’s one other issue – how many prospects who call your practice are never appointed?

– Most dentists think their phone answerers walk on water, but we’ve got hard data to show otherwise.

– You’d be appalled at how many calls to the practice during business hours are never answered.

– Our Call Quality Analysts identify new patients who are not appointed and the errors that phone answerers made.

– We also offer dental practice–specific phone training to help your phone answerers take control of calls and appoint more new patients.

– You can’t use voodoo marketing or feelings to grow your practice.

– But you can definitely grow your practice through call tracking.

– If you’d like to know more about Zetetics® phone tracking, call SmartBox Web Marketing at 888.741.1413.

– One of our Digital Practice Consultants will be happy to talk with you.

– Join me for our next podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.

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