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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 65

- Dentistry was thought to be a high risk profession in the COVID era. It turns out that those fears were somewhat overblown. 

- The ADA has been using monthly surveys to track the number of COVID-19 infections amongst dentists and the results are really enlightening. 

- The total infection rate for dentists is far below that for the medical profession overall. In fact, it's just 0.9%. 

- Now, most dental practices, all dental practices in fact, we're already accustomed to using PPE during all procedures.

- And the use of enhanced PPE such as the extra oil, suction, and other safeguards have resulted in an extremely low infection rate. 

- Now, the survey also asks about COVID symptoms and reasons the dentists believe they may have been exposed. 

- So share those findings with your patients, let them know that this isn't a real concern. - And let that ease their fears of coming to the dentist and keeping your chairs filled. 

- Send out emails, use your social media, send out newsletters if you have one. 

- Use any channels you have to let your patients know that dentistry is safe and download the Dental Social Superstar free report below.


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Colin CTA