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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 7

If your schedule is jammed with low-value patients, you won’t see enough of the higher-value patients who enable you to grow your practice. There’s a simple way to correct that problem.

– One of our elite implant doctors that’s wanting to expand his practice and treat more large elective cases, more of the deep disability reconstructive implant type cases, came to me a couple of weeks ago and was asking me, “Colin, how do I do more of these cases when I’m already busy? I already have a full schedule. My associates have full schedules. If I have these cases come in, where am I going to work them in at?”

– And this is what I said to him.

– “I want you to imagine right now in your practice, you’ve got a hundred patients standing in your parking lot, and each of these patients is holding a check in their hand, and it’s already signed. It’s already got an amount written on it.

– Now, of those hundred patients in your parking lot, you’re going to have some that are waving around $79 checks because they need a tooth extracted.

– You’re going to have some that are waving around $200 checks because they need a root canal, or $1,000 checks because they need a crown, or $5,000 checks because they want a really nice set of dentures, or $25,000 checks because they’re looking for implants.

– You only have room for 10 patients today in your schedule. Who were you going to choose?

– And you’ve got to understand that constructing your schedule with the highest value patients, the patients you want to treat the most, is paramount.

– So if you’re busy doing the lower value cases or patients that you don’t want to really treat, you’re not really interested in just doing extractions, block your schedule out.

– Start to implement blocking techniques to leave consult time, to leave operatory time open for these large cases.

– And the other thing you got to understand also with these types of patients is what types of big cases are you looking for?

– I mean, we’ve all gotten the call that is the little old grandma that has had five sets of dentures, and she calls you because she saw your advertisement and she wants you to make her a sixth set of dentures.

– Now what’s the chances Granny is going to be happy with her sixth set of dentures and she wasn’t happy with the last five?

– So understanding and taking these things into account as you’re creating your schedule is going to allow you to maximize the production that you have within your constraints of your time and your associate’s time.”

Colin Receveur

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