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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 56

- A lot of dentists that I'm talking to right now are having their best June and July and August ever. 

- And this is really great coming back off of a two or three months shut down. 

- Most dentists are having to compact multiple months of hygiene schedule and restorative schedule into a couple months. 

- And that's really good because it's putting record production on the books and collections on the books for a couple months. 

- It's also creating problems because now the October, November, December months are looking not so good. 

- Six months after the shutdown when all your appointments were cancelled and not reappointed. 

- Now, you have holes in your schedule all over the place. 

- To complicate things, let's make sure that we learn from the lessons of the first shutdown. 

- If you're in a state or an area that goes into a second shutdown, make sure that you're reappointing the patients during the shutdown into the future and you're holding those spots and getting them to commit to the future dates. 

- Otherwise, six months from now, if we have another shutdown now, you're going to have more holes in your schedule and this cycle is just going to keep repeating and repeating and repeating. 

- So focus on getting your patients reappointed. Focus on filling up October, November, December. 

- If you're seeing holes in your schedule then from the first shutdown, always be looking out six to 12 months.

- Your job as the CEO of your dental practice, among all the other hats you wear, you also wear the CEO hat.

- And your job is to look 12 months down the road and make sure your practice is going to be viable, and thriving and be able to support you. 

- Support your staff and support your patients and the community. Make sure you're doing your job.


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