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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 31

- The reality is that only five percent, five percent of dentists are financially independent and can retire at any age. 

- I mean, today, the average dentist's retirement is 70 years plus, and it's climbing right now. 

- You have to become very intentional about your savings, your debt, your spending, and your planning if retirement is in your future. 

- Because the reality is, the facts are that 95 percent of dentists won't be able to retire financially independent. 

- They're banking on the value of their practice, which right now is in a nice little bubble, thanks to private equity and DSO acquisitions. 

- But is going to decline as we get into the 2025s and 2030s. 

- I mean, dentists right now are working longer, the average retirement age is climbing north of 70. 

- And if you want to retire and have a plan, you need to get clear about what that plan is.

- Edward Smith discovered far too late that he couldn't actually change the course of the Titanic to miss the iceberg. 

- Don't wait until it's too late in your career to change that course and get on the right path now. 

- If you don't want to be the doctor that hits the iceberg, schedule a Practice Growth Call, and we'll show you where these numbers need to be and what you need to be focused on, so that you don't hit that iceberg.


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Colin CTA

Colin CTA