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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 17

– How do you place higher in the organic search results is a good question to ask, but I think the better question is do you want to rank high just to rank high?

– In other words, I talk to a lot of dentists who hold up this sheet of paper that shows how many number one rankings they have, and it’s almost like they got another degree to put on their wall.

– They got a diploma, a plaque, and I think they frame the report of how many number one rankings they have.

– And in reality that number one ranking isn’t really getting them anything, because the unspoken truth of Google is it’s not how many number one rankings you have.

– It’s who are the patients that are actually searching for the terms that you’re ranking for, and Google, it is operating in what’s called a web 3.0 capacity, a semantic capacity, where they’re not just looking at the keywords people search for anymore.

– They’re looking at the last thing the person searched for, the place, the time.

– Google bought Nest, which means they know when you’re home, they know when you’re not home.

– They know more about why you’re searching for what you’re searching for.

– It’s not about the keywords you type in. Those are still important, but keyword ranking reports are six to eight years deprecated.

– No good, because that’s not how people search and think anymore. They use voice to text.

– Hey Siri, Hey computer. It’s getting into the kind of Star Trek era, if you just talk to the computer.

– How do you improve your organic search ranking?

– Well, you have a comprehensive approach, looking at the great unique content you have, looking at link-building, looking at schemum, all these technical things.

– I’m not going to get into all that stuff. But you’ve got to have a comprehensive approach because you’re not going to trick Google with a one hit wonder, like you used to be able to.

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