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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 27

- Growing up in a dental practice with my dad, Dr. Ron, and working with so many of his friends and colleagues and mastermind partners. 

- The one guiding principle that we've always had here at SmartBox is we have to keep dentists doing dentistry. 

- I think that probably sounds kind of elementary when I say that, but it's such a powerful guiding principle.

- Because when dentists stop doing dentistry they start doing their blogging or checking their website and updating things. 

- Or, they start monitoring their front office staff, or they start helping their front office staff with training, or they're listening to phone calls.

- I talked to a dentist the other day that would stand behind the corner of his front desk and listen to his front staff answering the calls to see how well they were performing in answering the calls. 

- When you start engaging in those kinds of activities, you get away from your number one most profitable activity, which is doing dentistry.

- When dentists aren't doing dentistry, the financial revenue side of the practice grinds to a halt. 

- That's why it's been so powerful for us. Everything we do from the systems, the processes, how we work with dentists, our success academy, our success plans, our agency side, we all are focused on one singular thing. 

- And that's keeping dentists doing dentistry.


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Colin CTA

Colin CTA