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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 28

- Most people when they hear the name Warren Buffet, they pay attention because the Oracle of Omaha has made pretty good predictions over the last 50 years. 

- He's built a tremendous empire at Berkshire around investing and growing the enterprise value of his business.

- Warren has said for years that he has his own mentors of course, and when a guy named Howard Marks talks, Warren drops everything and listens. 

- And Howard has a little blog online and he's not one of those guys that just blogs to blog. He might blog once a week. He might not send out an update for three months. 

- But when he speaks, Warren Buffett says he drops everything and reads it, because that's the level, the caliber that Howard plays at. 

- Howard once said, "The less risk you perceive, the more risk there is."

- And one of the questions, the reason I talk about this, one of the questions I get is dentists that say, "What's the risk of doing my own marketing?" 

- Or, "What's the risk of having three or four or five or 10 different vendors that are helping me to figure out this marketing bubble and do reviews and SEO and paid and website and blogs and content, all these different pieces." 

- And this is my, my go-to quote to come back to, "The less risk you perceive, if you think that's okay, the exponentially greater that risk is."

- Because when dentists stop doing dentistry and they start being project managers coordinating vendors, they start being blog writers, they start being front office trainers and they start engaging in all these non revenue producing activities, i.e. not doing dentistry and helping their patients, the practices always go into decline.

- Our guiding principle here at SmartBox has always been to help dentists keep doing dentistry. 

- And all the systems and processes and structure that we have that we bring into dental practices, is all built around that one core guiding principle of keeping dentists doing dentistry.


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Colin CTA