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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 33

- I talked to a dentist earlier this week that I would say has a case of poor situational awareness. 

- He thought that he could stick his head in the sand, and do what he had always done, and survive. 

- And that is just what that is, poor situational awareness. 

- Some dentists that I run across, they cling to the traditional practice model. 

- They're going to be the last to change, and most of them will wake up too late to actually change, if and when they ever arrive at that decision. 

- When they're done with the change, they're done. 

- Dentists today need to be learning about consumerism, commoditization of dentistry, the supply and demand. Essentially, the new dental economy that we face today.

- Being reluctant to accept the change, or a lack of situational awareness is a surefire formula for failure. 

- Now, I'm talking about the situation for dentists, not that guy from Jersey on TV. 

- Sticking with an outdated model of dentistry denies the reality that you can't practice dentistry as usual and expect to survive. 

- Today's dental patients are better informed and have more choices than ever before.

- The large group practices and corporate chains are steadily taking over. 

- The time to change is now, before it's too late. Schedule a Practice Growth Call and we'll build out your plan for you.


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Colin CTA