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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 68

- There's no World Series of Dentistry. But smart dentists are staffing up with the very best A-players that they can get right now. 

- And let's talk about what A-players can do for your practice, how you can get them and where you can find them. 

- If you're fortunate, you've got one or two or more of these team members who really set the standard in your practice. 

- These are people that are motivated, they're involved, they're professional, they're the most highly productive team members, and we call them A-players. 

- Now these A-players influence other team members in your practice to become better and more productive. 

- They cut down on the drama that plagues some dental practices out there. 

- But hiring A-players takes more than just throwing some money at them and listing a good salary. 

- A-players already know their financial worth, they're looking for more. They want to practice with a vision that they can get in line with that they can agree with. 

- They want to make a positive impact on their community with their efforts. Your hiring ad has to speak to those desires. 

- If you don't have a Vision for your practice, put in the time to create one and share it with your team. 

- Let your team be a part of building it and reference it in your hiring ads in your recruiting effort. 

- Emphasize the impact your practice has on the community, whether that's through pro bono events, educational programs, the impact and changes you're making in your patients lives, or maybe something else.

- Engage their interest, and more A-players will respond to your recruiting efforts.


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Colin CTA

Colin CTA