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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 24

– I get asked the question a lot: What’s the most expensive mistake a practice owner can make in 2019, 2020?

–  The most expensive mistake a practice owner can make is trial and error. It’s extremely expensive. It’s extremely time consuming.

– Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice, makes permanent. Practice makes bad habits and experience is a very expensive teacher.

– My grandpa used to tell me that brains are cheap.

– And what he was really saying is if you’ve got to go learn it the hard way, there’s a reason that the school of hard knocks is a kind of social quip of bumping your head against something and learning the hard way because it is.

– It’s expensive and it takes a lot of time and it’s a lot easier to learn from somebody that’s already done it and already been there and already conquered that.

– My dad, Dr. Ron, and I went through a lot of that school of hard knocks, learning the systems, understanding how do you build expert status, how do you build a team driven practice with A-players?

– How do you attract the right kinds of patients?

– How do you do these things to build the kind of practice that you really want to have, not just accepting everything that comes in the door and, “Does my insurance cover this,” and, “Oh, can you just extract it? I don’t want to get the crown,” or whatever it is.

– If you want to build the practice that you always dreamed of having, you’ve got to learn from somebody that’s already done it.


Colin Receveur

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