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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 93

- Dental school doesn't teach you much, if anything, about how to run a business, and how to run a business successfully and profitably. 

- Here's a cautionary tale about a dentist who succeeded by not doing things.

- I'm going to tell you about this dentist – a mythical dentist, actually, because I've never met one who actually did, or rather, didn't do these things. 

- We'll call him Dr. Smith. Now, after graduating from dental school and surveying the landscape, Dr. Smith decided that he wanted to own his own practice. 

- He didn't run right out and borrow too much money. Instead, he consulted a financial advisor and worked out the right numbers with a cushion.

- Dr. Smith didn't snap at the first loan offer. He did his homework. He had an attorney look over the terms and conditions and took his time making the decision. 

- Now once the money was in his hands, he didn't rush to secure a location. He shopped the market. 

- He did his research on demographics and competitors accessibility, zoning, and all of the things that a new practice needs to take into account. 

- Dr. Smith didn't put off hiring until the last minute. Instead, he began recruiting while he was still working to actually secure his location. 

- He didn't try to go at it alone either. As the leader of his practice, Dr. Smith recruited heavily for a highly experienced practice manager and subjected candidates to a thorough a player vetting process when hiring them. 

- And then, with a location secured, equipment installed, staff trained and onboard, Dr. Smith didn't do one more thing. 

 -He didn't rush to hire a marketing firm to get his chairs filled. He didn't have to because he added a low revenue projection on startup into his financials. 

- Instead, Dr. Smith and the practice manager did extensive research on a variety of marketing providers, looking at the breadth of services experienced testimonials, reviews, support and results, and whether those firms could actually guarantee their results. 

- One last thing Dr. Smith didn't do was to try to micromanage the marketing firm he'd selected somewhere during this list. 

- You might have winced because you did do one or more things that Dr. Smith didn't do. And welcome to the club. Hindsight is always 2020. 

- The moral of this story, such as it is, is that if you're not happy with your current results, or your current marketing firm or your current growth rate, check out SmartBox Dental

- Keep in mind these seven things, breadth of services, experience, testimonials, reviews, support, results, and performance guarantee are the key factors you need as you're making your decision on who to partner with.


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