Welcome to the 2nd video podcast of 2012. I’m your host Colin Receveur and this episode I’m going to show you why “Just Doing Ads” simply isn’t enough.

What todays podcast is going to show you are the 4 critical elements that your web marketing MUST have to be successful in 2012 and beyond. And as a free gift to those who stays till the end of the podcast, there will be a special link to get a free copy of my latest book.

Now this book contains the secrets on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th elements that only we use with our best clients to keep their websites producing month after month. Most other “marketing gurus” out there are still on just the first of the 4 steps for their clients, and to be honest, the dentist are being left high and dry when it comes to actually attracting new patients and putting dollars in the bank.

I’m heading into the video studio today. We had tornado’s sweep the Louisville area yesterday, high-winds and tons of power outages, we had to leave the office mid-day so I’m hoping nothing got shocked or surged when power came back on, so this episode is going to be short and sweet …

And I’m going to dive into more details on these 4 elements in just a minute…

Why to listen to me

If you haven’t tuned in before, I’m Colin Receveur, speaker, author, invited columnist profitable dentist, dental town, elite doc strategies, etc. and founder of SmartBox Web Marketing where we, simply put, get dentists more qualified patients in the niches they have advanced clinical training

The purpose of these podcasts is to educate you about dental marketing so you can make an informed decision about what’s best for you and your practice in this new dental economy.

But enough about me.. Here’s what we’re going to cover…

4 critical elements that you MUST have to succeed online

#1 Visibility – a.k.a The First Date – The tools and buzzwords we know as SEO, PPC, AdWords, Local Search, Mobile optimization are just that – tools. Lots of guys spend tens of thousands on only this, never get results, and are confused to whats going on. This is only the first step…

#2 Pre-Qualification – No this isn’t pre-qualification for financing. What this does is it makes sure your patients are educated and informed about how you can help them. Without pre-qualification, you’ll get a flood of phone calls that expect insurance to cover. I’m going to show you how to pre-qualify all your patients so you don’t waste your time with phone calls and consults that go nowhere.

#3 Follow-up – If you’re not following up with your prospects at least 10 times, your large cases are going elsewhere, plain and simple. Just as you wouldn’t buy a car or house on the first pass, your patients aren’t accepting treatment either. I’m going to show you how to automate all your follow-up so you can keep in touch with your prospects for 2 years after they visit your website.

#4 Tracking – The best laid plans are a waste if you don’t know, without any doubt, what you got for it. I’m going to show you how we track your exact return on marketing investment from web visitor to phone call, consultation, case presentation, case acceptance and $$$ collected and in your pocket. it’s really a lot simpler than you’d believe, but most guys don’t have the system or technology in place.

Now onto the good stuff… starting with #1…

#1 The First Date – Visibility for your practice — The first step of any web marketing campaign is Your prospects must be able to find you on the web, no matter if they search on Google, Facebook, Local Search, or on their Mobile phone! The alphabet soup of “buzz words” you’ve heard (SEO, SEM, PPC, SMO, etc) are simply the tools used to achieve a top ranking visibility. Many dentists when they are paying a marketing firm to handle their marketing, this first step is the only one that gets done!

I’m not going to dive into the specifics of each “tool” here, thats the topic of another podcast in itself, but you must be doing organic SEO, you must be doing PPC, you must be doing video optimization, local search is a critical aspect, online reviews, social networks especially facebook twitter youtube and linkedin – each tool is one you definitely want in your warchest, working for you.

With the internet in a constant state of flux and Google never letting us in on the new rules of how their game is played, you have to make sure you have a dominant online presence that covers ALL FACETS. No longer is it “OK” to just have your website at the top of Google (You must now dominate the entire first page of results).

#2 Pre-Qualification — Once you’ve attracted a prospects attention, now you have to hold onto it long enough to compel them into action. But before they call, you first need to pre-qualify them for the types of dentistry you want to perform. If not, you’ll waste yours and your staffs time fielding lots of phone calls and consults for patients that never move forward with case acceptance.

Don’t just talk about what you offer – The rule is talk 75% about them, and 25% about you. Address THEIR problems and you’ll become their hero. When you educate your prospects, they will respect you and look to you as their expert, as well as become better consumers of the dentistry you offer.

If your website looks like and carries the same message as your competitor down the road, why would a prospective patient choose you? Your message must be unique and different – Your USP Unique Selling Proposition. Put your USP under your competitors name. If it sounds OK, you’re not unique enough.

How do you do this? Through KILLER content and GREAT video. No longer is it “OK” to have a dental website without powerful video. No longer is it “OK” to just drive masses of ‘hits and clicks’ to your dental website without converting them into patients. If your phone isn’t ringing, it’s a complete waste of time and money.

#3 Follow-Up — You might “get found” online, but 85-90% of your website visitors are NOT ready to immediately call you. By offering to send them valuable information in exchange for their contact info, you can answer all of their questions and become their “hero”, all the while keeping your name in front of them until they are ready to buy.

You can keep your name in front of them via email blasts, auto-responder emails, newsletters, social networks, snail mail like postcards, flowers, gifts etc., faxes, voice broadcasts.. all kinds of ways. Much of this can be automated so you and your staff are free to do dentistry.

So how do you get started? With your advertising lure. Like fishing, you have to have a good lure or worm get the fish onto your hook. Your ebook, free special report, case study, whitepaper or your book can be your advertising lure. Once they “opt-in” you can contact them automatically once every couple weeks and keep your name in front of them with info, education, offers, etc.

Same goes for Facebook – offer your prospects a gift or coupon or prize in exchange for “Liking” or “Following” you. Most docs using social networks just post updates – and they get nothing from it. It’s not the tool that’s broke, it’s how you use it that doesn’t work.

#4 Tracking your ROI — All your time and effort is wasted if you can’t figure out exactly what works and what doesn’t. With our Zetetics™ Phone Tracking system, we can tell you down to the penny which marketing works and which doesn’t, so you don’t waste your marketing dollars.

How do we do this?

We assign a unique phone number to every piece of marketing you have. These phone numbers ring through right to your front office, but we can track everything as well as record the call. Our system allows you to know exactly how many calls came from each piece of advertising, as well as further track who scheduled consultations, accepted treatment, and how much money you produced/collected.

When you buy stocks, bonds, or invest — you know your cost basis and your profit or loss. When you market it isn’t any different. Don’t settle, know exactly what you’re getting.

The 4 Take aways from this episode

1. Visibility – The web is in a constant state of flux – spread your eggs into many baskets, play with ALL your tools to get your name found EVERYWHERE. No longer is just a single ranking good enough, you need to DOMINATE the web with multiple positions.

2. Pre-Qualification – Your website and video must have a compelling message, but it must also weed out the unqualified tirekickers. You simply don’t have enough time to talk to everyone. Target the niche’s that are more profitable and attract the patients with money in their pockets.

3. Automated Follow-up – The best visibility and website in the world wont sell the large cases, and it’s insanely cost prohibitive to assign a staff member to manage all your followup. Now you know how to automate your followup and put it on “auto-pilot” to keep your name in front of your patients.

4. Tracking – Those forms at your front desk are incredibly inaccurate – use phone tracking to know exactly what produces and probably more importanty, what doesn’t. You wouldn’t expect your stock broker to give you “estimates” – why would you spend tens of thousands on your marketing and settle?


Get a copy of my book shipped to you

As promised there’s a link that should show up at the bottom of this video.. and there you can request a free copy of my latest book: How to stay in front of your patients until they are ready to buy – The Dentists Guide to Social Media & Drip Marketing. www.WhyPatientsDontBuy.com

This 100+ page book is packed completely full of valuable information, real case studies, and examples of drip marketing campaigns we’ve run with our best clients. And best of all, it’s available for only $1 to everyone that listened in today. Simply go to the URL below and you can we’ll ship a hard printed copy to you.

With the internet in a constant state of flux and Google never letting us in on the new rules of how their game is played, you have to make sure you have a dominant online presence that covers ALL FACETS. Your prospects might find your video, your website, your social media page, your mobile website… and the dentists who embrace this – fundamental shift in how information is delivered.. embrace the technology.. and most importantly they answer the real questions their patients are asking — those will be the ones that take the lions share of the new patients.

So that’s it for today, hope you have a great week and see you again soon!

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