Hello and welcome to the 3rd video podcast of 2012. I’m your host Colin Receveur and in today’s episode we’re going to chat about what the top 1% of dentists are doing to attract new qualified patients, and how we’re helping them succeed.

Apologize for past two podcasts – no video – I had tried using my Galaxy Nexus to shoot the video, but both times, the video came out terrible and practically unusable. So now I’m setup with a GoPro Hero and as you can see it’s working 100%. So the last two podcasts are available audio only, this one is audio and video obviously.

Why to listen to me

If you haven’t listened in before, I’m Colin Receveur, speaker, author, invited columnist profitable dentist, dental town, etc. and head chief at SmartBox Web Marketing where we, simply put, get dentists more qualified patients in the niches they have advanced clinical training

The purpose of these podcasts is to educate you about dental marketing so you can make an informed decision about what’s best for you and your practice in this new dental economy.

So here’s what we’re going to cover – 6 important topics dentists want to know about video

#1 We never intended to work with dentists: Briefly cover our origins
#2 Web marketing isn’t voodoo magic: The single web marketing secret that only the top 1% of dentists know
#3 How successful dentists are marketing their practice right now
#4 Our unprecedented 180 day guarantee


Now onto the good stuff… starting with the first topic… Our Origins

We never intended to work with dentists. Well, not exclusively anyway. Our first dentist client & father of SmartBox’s founder Colin Receveur, Dr. Ron Receveur signed on with us to design his first website in 1997. After some trial and error we began to pick up speed and get moderate results, but we had no clue what was in store for us. Unfortunately much of the technology available nowadays wasn’t even conceived in 1997, leaving us very limited on how to capitalize with this new advertising medium.

We began picking up speed of our own

After incorporating in 2001, we brought on dozens of local small businesses needing web design and marketing help around the Louisville, Kentucky area. Looking around, we saw the Yellow Pages being very expensive, Radio & TV were just out of reach for most business owners… and we just had a gut feeling that this “Internet thing” had real potential.

As time went on we attracted more dentists in need of a marketing boost, we immediately took note of how little dentists were leveraging the available technology on the web. Most had nothing more than an “online brochure.”

The unknown problem to most dentists

One of the biggest myths in dental marketing was that by just building a website, new & qualified patients will flow into their office, like water out of the hose when you turn on the spicket. Some dentists bought templated cookie-cutter websites while others built more customized ones, but regardless, many guys had the mindset of “if you build it they will come”.

The first impression might be your last impression too

The reality is, you have less than three seconds to convince your potential patients that they should do business with you. What does your dental website say in those first few critical seconds?

We’ve had many doctors find success by making themselves appear as “The Expert” in a particular niche in which they had specialized training. Even dentists who offer a broad array of services can become “Da Man” or the “Only doctor you should consider for sleep apnea” (for example). In your community, you can be the expert in several different niches if you approach things properly.

By being the expert in a particular niche, you can attract the types of patients you want…you know, the ones that are qualified and have money to spend…

Web marketing isn’t voodoo magic – Web is the core medium that patients use today (and tomorrow)

You can have the best office, staff, equipment and expertise… you might be “Dentist Of The Year” with all of the right credentials and certificates… but if you don’t have the right systems in place to not only ‘be seen’ but also to pre-qualify, follow-up and close the cases, your prospective patients (that you’ve spend lots of time and energy to attract) are not going to buy your services.

Once in place though, you can count on your systems to work for you for the rest of your professional career.

OK this sounds good – but how do you rate MY success?

Here lies the rub. Many other marketing firms will tell you about how many clicks and hits your website got. Some others may even have the technology to show you how many phone calls you received. But are these phone calls pre-qualified, or are they wasting your (and your staff’s) time? Are they accepting treatment, or are they dead-ends?

Dental marketing isn’t about “branding” or “impressions”

It’s about putting qualified patients in your chair that accept treatment. “Hits and clicks” on your website and Facebook simply do not do that. Your dental marketing firm should be showing you exactly how many dollars you are spending monthly and how many dollars you are generating (ROI).

If you don’t know exactly what your ROI is, how do you know how well your marketing plan is working? We provide all our dentist clients with our industry leading phone tracking system, Zetetics™, which allows us to give our customers an exact ROI for every marketing project they implement.

What this means to you as the Doctor

Because of our strict implementation of our Zetetics™ phone call tracking, we are able to tell our clients exactly how well each of their campaigns are working. In January of 2012 alone our top 5 dentist clients recorded over 1060 new patient phone calls from our marketing systems. This allows us to track not only the phone calls that all our marketing generates, but consults scheduled, treatment plans presented, which patients move forward with case acceptance, and real dollars generated into their bank accounts.

One of the trademarks of a very successful marketing campaign is often eliminating the unsuccessful aspects moreso than “hitting a home run” with a wildly successful one. Once you “cut the fat” – what’s left is providing you a solid return on your investment. From there, a marketing campaign can be ramped up and the successes replicated.

So how does all this happen?

Let’s find out as we explore why SmartBox is so different from anything you’ll find.

SmartBox Web Marketing is not a big box store with something for everyone and “one size fits all” solutions. We are a small, family owned company that has remained fast & nimble, pioneering the way dentists market themselves online. The personal relationships we have with our clients and one-on-one approach to every thing we do has helped our clients to enjoy top results and consistently high ROI.

Since we choose to remain small and personable, we don’t work with every dentist who would like to partner with us. We work with only a limited number of dentists, and only one in any geographic location. So if we choose not to work with you, it does not mean we couldn’t help you with your dental marketing, nor does it mean we don’t value your inquiry. It simply means we have to be selective about who we work with.

Our market exclusivity promise

We’ve seen our best results from working with only one doctor per market area and working with them personally. We look for highly motivated dentists who are serious about growing their dental practice by ethically attracting more qualified patients. If that sounds like you, we’ll cover the process a little later on how you can engage us.

And that’s what is different about the SmartBox approach.

Our Unprecedented 180 Day Guarantee

I wanted to chat more about our unprecedented 180 day guarantee, but we’ve run out of time. If you feel like Kryptonite’s been killing your practice, then you need super-human help
Checkout our 180 day guarantee at the link below. http://link.smartboxweb.com/180day

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