Welcome to this weeks episode of the SmartBox Video Podcast. I’m your host Colin Receveur and in today’s episode we’re going to talk about SoLoMo — Social, Local, Mobile — And why it is the future of dental marketing online.

Also, for everyone who stays on until the end of this podcast, we have a brand new product we’re launching next week – and I’m not going to give out any details till the end. You guys are going to get a sneak peak at what we’re doing and be able to “cut in line” to get first dibs at it. So just stay on until the end for more details…

Why to listen to me

If you haven’t listened in before, I’m Colin Receveur, head chief at SmartBox Web Marketing where we, simply put, get dentists more qualified patients in the niches they want to promote.

Today we’re going to be talking about the latest buzz word that’s sweeping the internet: SoLoMo. Goofy word, it’s actually 3 words stuck together: Social, Local, Mobile.

So here’s the 3 topics what we’re going to cover in todays episode:

#1 The final stake in the Coffin – See why SoLoMo will drive the YP completely extinct in 18 months.

#2 The evolution of “Hyperlocal” Into “SoLoMo” and the big changes taking place that you need to know

#3 How SoLoMo is going to change all the rules for dental marketing – And what you need to know


So let’s do some quick coverage on the background of hyperlocal — hyperlocal first came about when users searching for local information on Google were able to be connected with businesses, services, and deal in their area. Hyperlocal was like “Web 1.0” — SoLoMo is like “Web 2.5” if there is such a thing..

So imagine hyperlocal, but on steroids. With GPS being in practically every phone, social media integrated into every facet of our lives, and this year over a BILLION people in the world will use their mobile phone as their primary source of internet access… now mush these 3 together and you get a perfect storm nicknamed SoLoMo.

You know it’s pretty amazing what’s transpired in the past 5 years. You take Google, which launched in the late 90’s, went public 5 years later and now has 10 billion in profit and employs 30 thousand people. YouTube, founded in February 2005 and bought by Google in 2006 for just under 2 Billion, is now is the #2 site in the world — 2nd to Google. Twitter and Facebook all launched in the past decade, billions upon billions in revenue and almost a billion active monthly users. These companies, individually are making more money than companies like McDonalds GE that have been around for 75 and 120 years!

You know, traditional marketing.. the old school stuff like The Yellowpages and newspapers

…have always dominated local markets. But now local space is extending far into cyberspace with many more players tapping in. With the Yellowpages dying off more and more every year, I expect to see it near extinction within 12-18 months. We’ve been using our phone tracking to monitor the results and effectiveness of YP since 2004 with various clients, and without exception, every year, the results have gotten poorer and poorer.

But back on point – Groupon, Yelp, Foursquare and even retailers such as Starbucks have embraced geo-location and social media elements in their business models, in their apps. Groupon & Yelp being mobile and local, but Foursquare holds an interesting niche because they’ve managed to build a business that sits practically smack dab in the middle of all 3 tactics. Very cool app.

Facebook and Google have also jumped into the SoLoMo game, allowing your patients to check-in at your practice — which shows up to all their friends — then they can leave reviews, and see special deals you’re running.

One of the next revolutions in mobile marketing is going to be “geo-fencing” — which is a way to actively market to a mobile user in your area. With geo-fencing, you’ll be able to automatically email or text message say a friend of yours on Facebook, or a patient who has liked or followed you, automatically when they get near your office. You could offer them up special deals, or just remind them that you’re there 🙂

This is truly going to bridge the gap between brick & mortar and the online world…

Consumers these days want highly personalized experiences.. you know despite what you read in the news, personalized advertising is very good for the vendor and the consumer… So imagine this: Your 80yr old mother who lives in a patio home is browsing Amazon.com, and the ads she keeps being shown are for chainsaws and shot glasses.

Now maybe I’m off base here but I know my mother doesn’t have much interest in either of those items…. but imagine this: instead of indiscriminately showing her ads, Amazon looks at what she previously searched for and viewed last, and then displays an ad for new crocheting needles, or a quilt, or christmas sweaters — now you have a consumer who’s seeing things they are interested in, you have vendors willing to spend more advertising because they are selling more, and everyone is happy.

Your location will soon be as important of a metric to the personalization of your online experience as anything else.

This SoLoMo revolution that’s not just coming.. it’s already here. Like Video, it changes the perspective on how to engage your audience. Your prospects want to see quality content, whether it be through a mobile app, socially, on your website, emails, etc. Gone are the days of “just running an ad” and having patients walk in your front door. Your prospects right now are flooded with over 3000 marketing messages a day — and if you aren’t differentiating yourself, you’re simply blending into the background noise.

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That’s all for today — don’t forget about the link to learn more about our Swift kick… see you guys next week and KEEP MOVING FORWARD

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