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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 66

- Dental hygiene gap is here. Is your bridge over the gap holding firm?  

- Or if not, here's some ideas to make it safely to the other side. 

- Following on my previous podcast, dentistry is now arguably one of the safest health professions out there. 

- The results of an ongoing survey by the ADA show that dentists have an extremely low infection rate of .9%. 

- Now, by contrast, an article in ProPublica in August stated that “Through the end of July, nearly 120,000, doctors, nurses and other medical personnel had contracted the virus in the US.” 

- The CDC reported the low infection rate amongst dentists.

- This is something you can use to attract patients and certainly higher value patients that might require multiple visits. 

- It's common sense that repeated exposures while unmasked indoors carry a higher risk of infection. 

- Now you have the data to ease all of your patients’ fears. 

- If you're keeping close tabs on your practices’ infection rates amongst team members, and you should be, be sure to let your patients know what that number is. 

- And if you have, and it still looks like you're going to have empty chairs, why not fill those up with better patients who need more than a routine cleaning and exam?

-  That's how you put more money in your bank faster.


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Colin CTA

Colin CTA