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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 45

- So this is part two of the 10 questions you need to ask to create an unfair advantage in your practice. 

- Question number six: What's your plan to attract more and better patients when you reopen? 

- And how are you going to continue to build and dominate your local market area? Are you waiting for the phone to ring? 

- Or are you being proactive in building the demand from your patients and getting your phone to ring? 

- Question seven: Are you just marketing like everybody else? Are you marketing like you did before? 

- When you reopen, how are you changing your strategy in this post COVID world? 

- Next question: How closely are you watching your cash burn? How much cash do you have on the sidelines? 

- How much dry powder do you have available to see you through not just this COVID crisis that we've been in, but every future recession that's out there? 

- How are you preparing for the next recession? This is all cyclical. This is going to happen again. 

- Next question. What percentage of your collections was your total salary compensation before? 

- Who were your A-players? And what's your strategy to bring your A-players and your team compensation strategy back and to do it profitably? 

- Were you a little chubby around the waist with your salary before? Were you maybe even a little bit more than chubby? Or were you lean and fit? 

- And how are you going to get there? 

- If you need to do a little bit of exercise as you're reopening, what things can you do to get an unfair advantage in your practice versus your competitors? 

- And finally, what do you need to be changing to adapt in this post COVID world to ensure you're thriving, no matter what the situation that the world throws at you?


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Colin CTA

Colin CTA