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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 42

- I want to get real clear today on the problem that we're solving for coming out of this COVID crisis. 

- A lot of what I heard was calling the problem is COVID-19. Colin, the problem is the stay at home order column. The problem is the CDC or OSHA. 

- The problem is the stock market crash. The problem is, this pandemic is circulating the world and it's impacting my ability to be a dentist. 

- And that is not the problem. You're confused about what the problem is. 

- All those things I just listed there. Those are the predicaments. It's just like the weather. 

- The weather is a predicament. Right? We can't change the weather, we can't affect when the weather is going to come and go. 

- And whether it's going to rain today, or not, is not a problem that I can solve for now. I can choose to carry an umbrella. 

- So the problem becomes, how am I going to solve for this predicament? How do we stabilize our business given the predicament that we're in? Or you were in with the shutdown orders? 

- How do we solve for the problems that we can solve for? 

- How are we going to maintain our people when we don't have revenue coming in? That's a problem to solve for. 

- How are we going to communicate with our patients in a way that helps us help them while we're not able to treat them and not able to see them? 

- How are we going to slingshot out of this thing and ensure that we're ramping and have the ability to ramp back up quickly, once any shutdown is over? 

- And that's the real problem that we have to solve for here. We can't change the predicament; we can't solve for the predicament. 

- The predicament is what the predicament is, it's a state of the environment. 

- If you're at a beach house, and there's a hurricane coming toward you, the problem is not how do I redirect the hurricane. 

- The problem is, I need to shutter my windows, I need to sandbag the doors, and I need to get into the basement, right. 

- And if you're still sitting on the front porch of your house as the hurricane is making landfall, and you're rubbing sunscreen lotion on your skin, that is extremely dangerous, and you're probably going to die. 

- By the same token, if you haven't made the quick decisions to right the ship, that is your practice right now. 

- And in future shutdowns, you're also going to be putting your practice and yourself in extreme jeopardy because your ability to solve the problems that you have to solve while recognizing the hurricane is going to do what the hurricane is going to do. 

- How do I secure and stabilize my business and prepare for what reality is going to be?

- We need to make our decisions around what reality is going to be and solve the problems that can be solved.


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