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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 75

- As the number of new infections continues to rise, dental patients may be concerned about attending their appointments. Here's how to keep your chairs full in 2021. 

- Now, just before this post-Thanksgiving surge, dentists reported an average of 76% of patient volume compared to before the pandemic. That was down 4% from previous months.

- With pandemic numbers still continuing to rise unevenly, but rising overall, that attendance rate may drop considerably, the farther we go. 

- Now, there isn't one magic bullet that's going to keep your chairs filled, but there are some concrete steps that you can take. 

- Keep in mind that dental practices have been at the forefront of patient safety since the outset of this pandemic, you can continue to build on that reputation. Use every communication channel.

-  You have to lay out and emphasize all of the safety precautions and PPE that you're taking. 

- Those include emails, newsletters, texts, flyers, signs on the door, social media, website, even on your phone calls, you can continue to re-emphasize this. 

- Be sure to phrase your message for people who aren't trained to understand the mechanics of preventing the spread of infection. Speak to people at their level. 

- Push the message hard that patients that are attending their appointments are going to be like a walk in the park and attending a picnic. 

- You're going to make it great, it's going to be easy, and they're going to have a great, safe experience. 

- People will still need your services in 2021 and giving them confidence in your ability to provide those services safely is one of your keys of success.


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