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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 21

– Negative reviews are some of the best feedback that a practice can get, and that seems a little counterintuitive at first. 

– But when a patient takes the time to leave you a negative review, they’re highlighting something that they found really, really bad in your practice.

– So there’s three types of patients. There’s the happy patient, there’s the unhappy patient, and then there’s the patient in the middle, which is not happy or unhappy, just discontent. 

– Those are the patients in the middle that leave and never come back and you never hear from them again. 

– The happy patients leave you a great review, and the unhappy patients leave you a negative review. 

– So the feedback that you get on the negative review patients is oftentimes things that are in your blind spot, things you can’t see or aren’t thinking about, which is great for changing and improving the processes and procedures and practices within your dental practice.

– It’s important when you get a negative review, the first thing to do is to own it. 

– If you don’t own it and you start making excuses for why it happens, the patients don’t believe that you’re truly sincere and genuine about changing it. 

– So the first thing you’ve got to do is own it. “I’m so sorry this happened. This isn’t your experience of how we wanted it to be. As the owner of this dental practice, I take it as my responsibility,” so on and so forth. 

– And once you’ve properly owned it, now you can start to put steps into place to resolve it within your own practice as well as resolve it with the patients. 

– But if you start making excuses, which is oftentimes the initial reaction of everybody, “Well, this only happened because,” or “Well, that patient was unreasonable,” whatever it may be. 

– But that’s not relevant to solving the patient’s complaint. It takes a little bit of an ego hit sometimes to respond to a negative review like that.


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