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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 100

- The COVID Aftershock is coming. And as patient volume starts to fall off, dentists are going to see some real problems come up in their practice. 

- The thing is, the problems aren't new problems. Just like during the pandemic, this next phase of turbulence is simply going to highlight problems that you might've chosen to ignore up until now.

- The CEO Dentist considers something like the COVID Aftershock an opportunity for bigger results with far less effort. 

- Now, most dentists are trained to have the mindset that big challenges are overcome with hard work. And while this can work, it's not very efficient. 

- And in the end, it's a very tiring way to run a practice where you are forced to go into hyperdrive to save the day.

- In the world of the CEO Dentist, systems do the heavy lifting, systems get the patients, systems run the teams. The doctor oversees the operation without having to babysit the details. 

- The COVID after shock is going to be a stress test of sorts for the systems that you have in your practice. Are your systems ready? Do you have all of the systems required? Have they been studied, measured, and optimized to create the maximum result possible? 

- If that little voice in your head is screaming, "But I'm just here to do the dentistry," then I'd recommend you do the work required to build the systems. You only have to do that once. From there, you get to spend your days doing what you truly love to do.

- If you want help and guidance for getting your strategy together, in getting these systems in place, schedule a call with our team and we'll get to work. 

- Because no matter what is coming in the future of dentistry, there are always going to be dentists who have what it takes to rise to the top. Do the work now and make sure you're one of these dentists.


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