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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 67

- Where have all the good dental team members gone? Well, fact is they're still out there. 

- But a large majority of practices that are hiring are having a really tough time attracting them. 

 - According to the ADA Health Policy Institute as of October, about one third – 33% – of dental practices are trying to hire a hygienist and about a quarter of those practices are actually recruiting them. 

- Roughly four fifths, or 80%, of practices are having a lot of trouble finding hygienists right now.

-Some 70% report that finding assistants is very or extremely challenging. 

- Now, no one knows for sure, but the old phrase, Once bitten, twice shy, might apply here. 

- Dental practices are among the most stable businesses out there. 

- And it probably came as a shock to you and your team if you had to shut down and furlough team members. 

- It's not surprising that people aren't eager to put themselves in a position to go through that again. 

 -So what can you do? 

- Well, the short answer is to provide reassurance in your hiring ads, your social media, using terms like stable or successful, thriving, upbeat. 

- Be optimistic about it, no one wants to come join a dwindling practice.

- If your situation is such that you can continue to pay your staff when your practice isn't making money, find ways to emphasize that.

-  Emphasize how well your team was taken care of during the shutdown. 

- There's more to hiring really good team members than just salary; that's usually fourth or fifth on the list of what great employees are looking for. 

- And I'll tell you that in my next podcast.


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