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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 137

- Making $4 million a year is probably beyond the boundary of realistic for most dentists.

- It certainly was for Dr. Tom Peterson when he was starting out. Even well into his career, he was working really hard, producing about $900K per year.

- But then something changed. And these days, he’s doing $4 million a year.

- So what changed? Did the market change? Or did Dr. Peterson change?

- Well, if the market changed, then surely there’d be more dentists around him doing the very same thing. But there aren’t.

- If HE is the one that changed, then what’s the reason that you couldn’t “change” and do the very same thing he’s doing?

- Most dentists struggle not because they aren’t smart or talented but simply because they are aiming at a goal that is far below their potential.

- When you aim higher, your mind is forced to get creative about how to realize those goals.

- The struggle that most dentists experience then, isn’t because they aren’t up to the challenge, it’s because they aim high level skills at low level opportunities.

- When Dr. Peterson made his shift, it involved changes in several areas of his practice.

- If you’re not familiar with his story, get your own copy at www.WealthiestDentistReport.com.


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